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Since I was 14 Year - Born in Year 1952 - I am passionate SWL

My QTH is on the edge of the Bauhaus of Dessau.
Untill 1992, I had the listener's number Y2-EA14711/H46 or Y46-15-H at the
club station Halle / Neustadt.
In 1992 I got the receipt sign DE1MKH by DARC. Since the 9/13/2012
I have the receipt sign DE0MKH.
I am connected to the Dessauer club station DF0DES / DOK W18.

The reception system consists of a receiver "YAESU FRG 100", a "FIFI-SDR" with YAESU FRT-7700, a YAESU "FT817ND", a Kenwood TM-V7 for 2m / 70cm and a LW converter 10 - 500 Khz for VLF , But also a Technisat Welterfanger "Sangean ATS 909". 6m I receive with the FT817ND.

The connection between the devices and the netbook takes a mass separation filter. For the KW I use an FD3. Tense in the south - north direction, a 28 Mhz dipole in the south - north direction. A dipole antenna for 6m - direction south / north - I have built myself. For 2m + 70cm I have two X50, one 7 El.Yagi for 70 cm towards west. A Sky-Band Discone antenna (25 - 1300 Mhz) I use on a scanner.
For portable purposes I have an HF-P1 & Windom 24 m long with 1: 9 Balun, a Beverage antenna (160 m / 120 m) for long wave reception, a HB9CV for 2m, a 7 El Yagi for 70cm and a small power generator 600W As well as a 7AH battery, a 44AH car battery as well as two telescopic implement stands of a well-known gardening machine manufacturer.

A 40W solar case with a 120W "HAMA" car charger takes an environmentally friendly charge of the net- and notebook.

Since I deal almost exclusively with the receipt of digital signals, I am currently using an Ultrabook, Prodect Smart with 4GB RAM, Windows 10 and so on. For the logbook program "Ham-Office" Vers. 6 and to decode the signals a netbook "Toshiba NB520-108" with 2GB RAM and Windows 7, as well as multi PSK, ROS, JT65-HF, EasyPal and MixW 2 as registered version.


Values of OM's, this hobby is also related to SWL's with learning, learning and re-learning as well as exams and self-construction or buying technology.

It is right, that one also finds complete QSO's on the Internet. But now every SWL underlie, which he also writes its QSO's there, I find unfair. Please consider beforehand and inform yourself about the SWL, before you are subject to such fraud.
Many OM's certainly forget that we as SWL invest a lot of money and time in our hobby and if SAL, stamps, IRC or US Dollars are attached, you can at least wait for your own QSL card.
I can not find it unfair, as I noticed in recent times, if QSL cards as "not in the log" return, but the QSO partner has already confirmed the QSO.
Guided QSO's do not have to be recorded in writing. You could also write the SWL "I do not know whether I have the QSO led / I have not recorded the QSO".
A question of honesty, because SWL's also collect diplomas. From an SWL, each OM expects to receive correctly completed recepts. Is a SWL not also a right to correct QSL cards ??? A big problem are the incomplete or incorrectly filled QSL cards. No AWARD manger recognizes faulty QSL cards for a AWARD.
Now, if you send faulty maps to the OM with appropriate hint, you get as SWL unfortunately in most cases no correct QSL map back.

Conclusion: No QSL card, no Awardpoint but twice postage in vain.

I feel it as a pity that one sometimes as SWL so little recognition among the OM's finds. Every OM has started as SWL.

My QSL-Card

My members


For more information, please click on the picture

So, since fair to each other, we all have the same interests.

I thank all the hams for the sending of QSL cards.

I wish all OM's always good connections

I can be contacted via Skype, under "de1909_11" and on Facebook.

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